Computer Repair

Flat Fee IT Services Based On Usage

Miami Helpdesk all-inclusive IT service is offered for a flat monthly fee based on the number of employees in your organization. With Miami Helpdesk affordable IT managed services subscription model, customers only pay for what they use. Our Miami  IT pricing is dynamic and adjusts every month to reflect actual usage. This makes our managed services pricing highly predictable and scalable.

Increase Productivity

We believe affordable technology is a critical business tool that should support profitability. So whether it’s making sure your software is up-to-date, your data is secure, or your employees can get seamless remote access to the company server, Miami Helpdesk is constantly monitoring the health and connectivity of your system to insure minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

With Miami Helpdesk IT management service, instead of charging to fix problems we provide and support your IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee with unlimited support. For your organization that means there are no surprise costs for the extra support your new employee needs or when your CEO asks for remote access support when away on vacation. For us at Miami Helpdesk, that mean’s we have an incentive to provide service that is reliable. We also constantly monitor the health of your IT, so we can anticipate problems before they occur.

With a city wide reach, MIami Helpdesk onsite field capabilities allow us to offer our customers professional onsite technical support in virtually any city throughout the U.S.

We expand your capabilities and reach, 24/7/365. Miami Helpdesk Field Services include:

  • Network Deployment
  • Network Break/Fix
  • Logistics Services


Save Money on Infrastructure & Headcount

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